Our goal:
We decided to host HvH servers to offer an experience that is different from other HvH servers previously or currently hosted in TF2.

Such as the following:

- No plugins installed that could give certain cheats or a user an unfair advantage.
- No blocking the usage of VPNs.
- Custom plugins to rebalance TF2 just barely to end long stalemates that are common with TF2 HvH servers.
- No abusive administrators or moderators.

Discord Server Rules:
- No posting NSFW content.
- This also includes content with in your Discord profile.
- No posting speech bubble images.
- No posting personal/private information.
- No posting leaks/cracked software/content.
- No posting Discord invite links.
- No randomly mentioning anyone.
- Respect everyone no matter what cheat software they use.

TF2 server rules:
- Bots must play medic. (Limit is 2 bots)
- No leaking/revealing personal/private information in chat, voice, profile picture, or in-game name.
- You cannot abuse any exploits that would cause server/client lag or crashes.
- Anyone that is or shows support for pedophilia will be banned immediately. I don't give a shit if its a "joke" or not.

Rules may change at any time without notice. They may differ compared to rules listed in our discord server, in such a case, please follow rules from here.